Friday, 12 December 2014

Game 1 - Plan

I've been doing a lot of UI related work that is about making it easier to select one item from among many so my attention has been focused on 'Selection Tasks'.

As my first project I wanted a game that could be implemented almost entirely using CSS with very little need for JavaScript. I was also somewhat inspired by a recent Ludlum Dare suggestion: 'One Rule'.

The game is played out in rounds:
  • will consist of a whole lot of moving objects
  • one rule of the form: Select the xxxx objects.
  • We keep a very tight clock on the round
  • We score +1 for each correct selection and -1 for each error.
Some examples for 'the rule':
  • Select the words that read 'red'
  • Select the words written in red
  • Select the words on a red background
  • Select the words where the text matches the colour
  • Select the words correctly spelt
  • Select the words moving left
  • Select the words spinning clockwise

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