Thursday, 26 February 2015

Game 2 - Phaseball - Release

After a double length sprint on this game I've finally completed it.

My final release of the game can be played here: PhaseBall

I am very pleased with the final product, it is much as I imagined it would be in my head and I think the puzzle space turned out quite interesting. The design worked really well on the small and tablet screens in both landscape and portrait mode; the square playing surface was convenient to work with and made it possible to make a smoothly responsive environment without any css media query special cases.

I have some real regrets, maybe I'll get back to them when my schedule permits:
* Audio: The game would be a lot cooler with sound effects and ambient whot-not; I never seem to have time for this on these fast game projects - maybe I need an audio collaborator.
* More Levels: I think the game could have 9 more levels without being boring. I  had planned four stages including a challenge stage between 'Exploration' and 'Hardship' - that would have been good.

The full source code here if you want to copy it, mod it, use it or whatever.

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