Monday, 9 March 2015

Game 4: Finding Yourself

For March I'm going to write a 'choose your own adventure' game inspired by the books of my youth. The game will be text only and fairly short with the minimum of interface - the idea I have in mind is more an interactive narrative work than a game, it is supposed to be interesting and perhaps amusing to wander through the story various ways as opposed to being winnable in any sense.

From  a technical perspective I have already have most of the pieces in place with a long term project called Narranet that I have been working on for some months: Narranet is a java-based generic tool for storing and handling narrative-like interactions expressed as a graph of nodes - in English this means it does things a lot like a 'choose your own adventure' with some added benefits. I have a narrative editor for this system and a desktop player that are quite functional. I mostly have a web-server based version of the player that can efficiently maintain a large number of simultaneous games back-ended by a database - but it doesn't do a few major things it needs to.

You can see an example of Narranet in action on my business site where it is used to simulate an interview with a client.

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