Saturday, 12 September 2015

js13k - Release Day

The js13k contest finishes tomorrow at 2pm and I have a busy day so I have just submitted my final version of which I am very proud.

I have used 12 400 bytes of the 13 416 available and a lot of programming time.

You can play the game here.

This is the original list of features I wanted in my first post with my comments about how it went in bold

  • old-school arcade game feel - I am really happy with the moon patrol vibes; not so close to the old games as to be called a copy but very reminiscent.
  • subtle narrative - This part worked out really well for me - I like the use of the generated but structured levels and the techno-babble text to tell the story. This is the first game I've made with a proper narrative and I'm very satisfied with the way it came out.
  • over and under the sea - both looks very cool as I hoped it would and adds a lot more game play because of the different handling of the avatar
  • ascii art -  This worked out well - I especially love the cows.
  • chip-tunes - Never got to this, I seriously doubt given more time I could have packed it into the 13k - but I'm still so keen to write a chip tunes generator.
  • sound effects  - Got engine noises and lots of cool retro jump and explosion noises. Also the sound on the ticker tape text console is really cool.
  • type out mission control texty stuff with good copy  - This feature turned into almost all the interface; inter-level screens; title screens and its use during game play. Similarly the techy language worked really well.
  • analytics - I wrote this feature (and got it to repress browser console errors if offline) but after querying it with the contest organisers I had to take it out as they consider this an external dependency (and thus illegal).

As ever source is available and free in both senses here.

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