Friday, 2 January 2015

Game 2 - A Plan

For my next incarnation in HTML5 I am planning a simple 2d physics like game where the aim is to hit some targets with as few shots as possible with bouncy plasma balls.
I'm keen to do something which will work well on a smartphone screen - so I want to keep it simple and keep the control out of the play area.

  • Square playing surface - fire from a corner therefore 90 degrees of rotation only
  • Control speed of the plasma shot - useful because of moving surfaces and the color shifting
  • Color shifting - red barriers only interact with red plasma, also blue, (white is the all plasma color and interacts with everything)
  • Plasma balls have colour (or a colour change sequence after launch) which is indicated by the ammunition type
  • Got some steam punk ideas for the  controls and board framing
  • Lots of blur and motion trail on the playing surface

  • Level design - going to be time consuming and will require extra tools
  • Steam punk - too hard for my design skills (commons?)

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