Monday, 26 January 2015

Game 3 - Deadly Dungeon Dash

For this game I was part of a team doing the global game jam; we had decided before hand to aim at producing a table top game.

By the end of a first meeting on friday night the team had a pretty solid plan for a endless runner type board game.We made a prototype board and cards and by Saturday lunchtime met to have a first play through of the rules. Exact rules and the dynamics of the board and especially endgame seemed a little weak but the general dynamics seemed fun and engaging.Some discussion and a serious pivot around the end game conditions ensued leading us to a new playable verson to test on Sunday morning.

Two complete play throughs on Sunday (for five and three players) with a new refined set of rules - less dynamics and a more balanced board - went much better with clear win outcomes and fun had by all. The general length and play style seemed to match our original goals of designing a fun (potentially drunken) game which would be played out in less than an hour.

The remainder of the day was spent setting up graphic resources and designing rules and wording; hard work that led to an mostly complete set - a new game designed in under 72 hours.

I'll publish the original design documents, the first version photo grpahs and my on going craft project to make a pretty set over the next few weeks.

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