Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Quicker Than Hanging - Almost a Game

I have come just a little further and now have a version that includes some artwork and replayablility.

You can take a look at the latest if you like and see how the cartoon strip showing how close you are to death works.

I would ideally like 20-50 versions of this cartoon and as such would welcome art contributions from anyone who thinks it would be fun. I need 4 square frames arranged left to right in a single graphic file like so:
The frames represent starting state, one error, two errors and death respectively.
The idea is to do a cartoon of a fast and hopefully funny death.
I don't really care much about resolution but something like 2000px x 500px will look good on high end devices.
Black background: Goes with the rest of the (blackboard) theme but I have a plan for white background cartoons if you prefer.
Ownership: All aspects of twelvegamesayear (including artwork) I publish as free to use creative commons; your contribution will thus become cc.
Mail any art to me directly. (Sooner would be better but I'll release a final version at the end of the month)

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