Thursday, 7 May 2015

Quicker Than Hanging

For my next game idea I have a simple derivative of the famous paper and ink word guessing game 'Hang Man'.

My version is a little easier because more information is given but harder because it has less room for mistakes. More information in the sense that the bounding boxes of the letters are shown so one can distinguish the tall letters and those that go below the base line from most ordinary letters. Less room for error in that you only get to make three mistakes whereas traditional hangman allows 6/7/8 depending on how you play.

I am thinking of using handwritten look - probably like chalk on a black board. The bit of the board where the traditional hangman would go I want to fill with the same idea with cartoons of sudden ways to die (in square four frames - starting, 2 errors, death) - I was hoping to somehow source these by smiling hopefully at talented friends - otherwise I try some art myself.

The programming is undemanding for this project which is appropriate because I'm short on time this month.

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