Monday, 15 June 2015

Game 6 - An Endless ASCII Flyer

I want to use these winter months for training missions - I have two big areas of expertise I want to explore: ASCII art and Facebook/Parse/Social platform technology.  I have two projects on simmer that need to use the social platform code: a blue sky personal project and a commercial educational game system which is in the wind.

The ASCII art is something I have been vaguely interested in for some time and was hoping to get some creative experience with it before the js13kGames challenge (in September). Given the massive restrictions such a challenge has in resources I think that I could build something quite beautiful from ascii characters without requiring much storage.

In that spirit of practice for this month I'm building a  fairly simple retro-flyer game: you get to steer a clumsy glidery thing left and right and control its altitude as you fly through a tron-like tunnel built of ascii art. I hope to build it as a endless game with auto-generated levels.

I am going to implement the project using the HTML DOM model and 3d transformations; I'm not sure if my final product is going to run on mobile devices - I am designing it around desktop and keyboard use but I would like an alternate control system for tablets.

So far I've got no code but I do have this cute art demo using only CSS and HTML.

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