Tuesday, 8 December 2015

O - Time to show it Off

It may seem that I have been slacking off on my puzzle game project but in fact I have been obsessively working at it. I decided not to post regular demo versions because by the nature of a puzzle game you can really only play it once.

The game only uses WebGL and some serious graphic card features so you really need a computer and a 'real' browser to run it - Chrome, Firefox and Safari work fine. Very high end android devices seem to run it okay but reports are that the frame rates are very bad on Apple devices.

The game is unique in this collection in that it has no tutorial, no instructions, no score - in fact no text or numerals of any form. Never the less I think it is easy to understand and quietly meditative if not exactly difficult as a puzzle. It also has sound effects and some beautiful ambient music so all in all it is probably my most 'complete' release.

Here then is my final version of the game.

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  1. This is cool! Took me a minute or so to realise what I should be doing, but then got the hang of it. Just managed to finish it. It's a fun, interesting puzzler. Also, ran well on Firefox running in Ubuntu.

    Also, blogspot is a google run service, but I can't authenticate myself with G+. >_<