Sunday, 30 August 2015

js13k - half way today - Getting Prettier

Today is the mid-point of the js13k contest time. I have been adding features and generally prettying my idea up.

I had hoped to have a fully playable level of the game by this point but I am still a day or two away from that - so a bit late but not very late. My current zip file size if 5296 bytes.

I have added a slew of new features
  • Base buildings and towers
  • New cargo-72 avatar - more robotic; more bright; more solid
  • New transparent gradient fill to change the tone of the ocean water with altitude
  • Ability to load cargo and carry cargo on the buggy

So here my latest demo - you can drive with A,D and space - you can go all the way right and load up the standard weight cargo and then return in reverse.

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