Saturday, 15 August 2015

js13kgames Day 3 - Design Docs

I've got other priorities this weekend but I promised to post the design docs I've been working on. I played Moon Patrol a lot when I was less than 12 years old - these designs and the general aesthetic I wish to invoke owe a direct debt to that game.

On paper...

And some details copied from my documentation:
Game consists of 10+ short missions. Each mission involves going over the terrain twice once forwards in the buggy’s best mode then backwards in the buggy’s weaker mode.

Ascii art to generate stuff - only the ‘solid world’ will have a strict Scale and orientation - everything else will use a rectilinear bounding box but be free to use altered scales and changing rotation.
The game is 2D with parrellax backgrounds.

Missions will be randomly generated from mission decks.
Controls: faster/slower + jump + fire + weapon rotate

  • old-school arcade game feel
  • subtle narrative
  • over and under the sea
  • ascii art
  • chip-tunes
  • sound effects
  • type out mission control texty stuff with good copy
  • analytics

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