Friday, 14 August 2015

js13kGames Day 2 - Working on reversed

Yesterday was the start of the contest; the theme for this year is 'Reversed'.

The idea for the contest is that you have 30 days to scratch write a HTML5 based game that ships in under 13kb total zipped size. For the non-technical that is a very small amount of stuff to organize into a game.

I completed last year with Strata; of which I am proud but had to write in under 10 days because of my own travel plans.

This year I have much higher ambitions. I want to make a complete if not particularly original game. For me complete means all of these: good game-play - playable for significant lengths of time, player development and skill, polished visual look, sound effects, chip-tune music and a sense of narrative progress.

All of that in 13kb - the text is this post is about 6% of 13kb.

I've got a pretty plan - will publish my sketches tomorrow.

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