Monday, 14 August 2017

JS13k - Day 1 - Lost at the beginning.

The js13k contest started yesterday around lunchtime in my time zone - the theme for 2017 is 'Lost'. I was quite focused on a maze-like puzzle in many recent sketches 'Lost' seems to suit my ideas well and I think a lot of other competitors are going to have some good fun with it.

I have made a little bit of graphics code that draws something like the tiles I have been sketching on the blog - the first page I have created is designed as a cheat-sheet to use when designing levels and displays all the possible tiles. I think they look rather smart and will certainly do for working pieces as I go forward with more of the code.

I really like the way I can write a cheatsheet like this and will be able to put a lot of code to run a level editor but grunt can still build me side by side versions: a debugable dev version with all the tools; and a zipped release of the game minus any dev code.

Speaking of which, current size of release version 2.93kb - all it does is draw tiles!

I have opened a git repo for my development which you might want to look at for inspiration or out of curiosity.

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