Monday, 7 August 2017

JS13k2017 - Tooling up!

I spent a few minutes this weekend setting up some boilerplate and tools for the upcoming js13k contest.

I am planning to implement using atom and chrome with grunt for the heavy lifting. This repository is a basic empty project set up for a mobile js13k entry.

The html is very minimal; striped down to the bare minimum that will play well with the mobile devices and won't throw any console warnings. I intend to work in scss and use sass to minify the CSS.

Grunt and npm show off their flexibility with a develop mode that can custom rebuild any changes and locally serve a commented well formatted version; and a release mode that minifies both css and javascript and compresses the result into a zip file as required by the js13k rules (and shows you how close you are to the zipped 13k limit)

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