Thursday, 17 August 2017

JS13k - Day 4 - a Level Editor!

A few more hours work on my puzzle game and I've got the hex-grid layout code working - so now I can draw entire boards of the puzzle system (although I am missing some key tiles at this point).

I also created the capacity to set some tiles so that they rotate 60 degrees when clicked - this 60 degree rotation on hex tiles is central dynamic of the puzzles.

I have also created a level editor of sorts which you can look at here which accepts tile indexes from tile cheatsheet. and an orientation/action character for each tile. This editor outputs a 60 character string which should entirely define a single level: 20 levels x 60 bytes = 1.2kb - which is a number I can live with especially as the  repetitive nature of these strings makes them a good target for zip compression at the end of the process.

Current release game size: 3.47kb

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